Collective Troll Just Doesn’t Get It

I noted that Collective Troll had a couple of this year’s Topps Gold Twins posted on his blog, and I took a stab at his Rays wantlist to work out a trade for them (and others).  On my return from an Omaha business trip, a package had arrived:

clockwise, from top left: 2010 Topps Gold #273 Pat Neshek [1811/2010]; 2010 Topps Gold #101 Scott Baker [750/2010]; 1973 Topps Vikings Team Checklist – huh?!; 1972 Topps #515 Bert Blyleven

Two 2010 Topps Gold cards – check.  A few other hits on my wantlists – check.  What’s this – some vintage cards?  Cool.  I have them, but a couple are upgrades – nice.  Some junk wax; oh well, everyone likes to clean out their stock, and I can find them a new home.  And…huh?!  A 1973 Topps Vikings Team Checklist?!  Ha!  Okay, whatever.  Yeah, obviously Troll just doesn’t get it…enough credit for his great work, that is.  Keep up the good fight, CT, and thanks for the cards – even the Vikes card!


2 responses to “Collective Troll Just Doesn’t Get It

  1. Rhunner, I somehow ended up with 4 of those checklists… You seemed a logical stopping point for it. You can pawn it off on someone else, right? Thanks for the cards, posting them now!

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