Kauffman Stadium: Twins 3, Royals 4

When friend Gene suggested a couple months back that he would totally enjoy a weekend road trip to see the Royals and Twins play in KC, I came back later to tell him that the Twins would have a Sunday day game there on April 25th…and a road trip was in the making.

We played the waiting game while watching the rainy weather, and Saturday night Gene pulled the trigger and snagged a couple nice tickets to the right of home plate, the first row on the loge level. In addition, Big Mak and his wife were also going to be at this game, so I had the opportunity to meet them for the first time.

Along the 3½ hour drive, we could tell that we wouldn’t be shaking the cloud cover, and although chances of any major rainfall were unlikely, there would be a cool breeze blowing.

Big Mak was on his game – less than a minute after we met, eagle eye spotted this ULLGER UNIFORM walking by!  What’s up with that?!

We met up with The Maks at the KC Hall of Fame, and had a nice visit while making our way to our seats; turns out, we we just above and to the right of where they were sitting.

Big Mak & Mrs. Mak from our seats right above them

I was very impressed with the improvements that were done to Kauffman Stadium since my last time there.  The outfield walls were very nicely done, and the wonderful scoreboard (largest in the majors) certainly gives one a feel for what the new Target Field scoreboard must be like.

Cool scoreboard!  But I didn’t like the way it was looking at me at times…

Kevin Slowey was the Twins’ starting pitcher – he started the last game I’d seen live, in St. Louis, just prior to his going on season-ending DL; hopefully thing would turn out better today.  Momentum see-sawed early on, with the Royals taking a one-run lead, only to turn over the lead on a solo HR by Justin Morneau and an RBI single by J.J. Hardy in the next inning.

The Mountie finishes off his HR trot

Later in the game, solo runs in three successive innings gave the Royals a two-run lead; Slowey was not at peak form, with an uncharacteristic four walks given up.  Regardless of the Twins’ 12 hits and 4 walks, they were unable to bring home any additional runs until the ninth.  A single by Joe Mauer and a double by the Mountie plated another run, but a pair of Soria K’s left the tying run on second.

Thome points at the pitcher who would strike him out to end the game.  Can I mention again how good he looks in a Twins uniform?

Besides the cool weather and the unfortunate outcome, I enjoyed great seats at a great stadium — I’ll definitely have to do this again some time.  Nice meeting you two, Big Mak, and thanks again Gene for the invitation and for being the gracious host.

oh, btw, Dick n’ Bert were just down the way from us…but thankfully out of earshot

11 responses to “Kauffman Stadium: Twins 3, Royals 4

  1. Is that Billy Butler’s eye on the giant scoreboard?
    It’s a bit freaky.

    • yeah, actually I think it is. It was part of a sequence when they are introducing the lineup, and when I took the picture and then checked to see what I got, it was a bit of a “whoa!” moment

  2. Sorry I couldn’t make it. I was in the rain somewhere along I-80. Next time something’s on in KC, I’ll make sure to make it.

  3. words fail me on that Maza/Ullger pic. Two legends together like that? Amazing.

    Great write-up and photo-gallery. Mrs. Mak’s baby blues were sweet too!

  4. Nice write up!

    Oh, man, that steak & cheese I had there a couple years ago was a great. Except my dad had food poisoning the next 36 hours, which made the trip kind of suck overall.

  5. Mrs. Mak reminded me to ask – How was the BBQ after the game?

    • yeah, we didn’t BBQ after (although that would have been great); had to make tracks and get back home. got to admit though, the steak & cheese sandwich I had at the ballpark was excellent.

  6. Nice pics! It was great to meet you and hang out a bit. Too bad the Twins couldn’t complete the sweep. Hope you had a good time in KC.

  7. Nice write up, RR. What is Dick so bent out of shape about in that photo?

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