New Faces

Well, I’ve updated my wantlist to include Topps 1961-1969, but it’s time for a new post.

Beginning two years ago, when going through new cards (probably from my Christmas stocking), I came across a 2008 Carlos Gomez Topps Heritage, pre-Twins trade.  I decided then and there to set him up against my home office’s printer to be my Twins’ good luck charm.

GoGo’s picture on the front of the card looks about as clueless as he was at times that season, but when he hit the ground with three SBs the very first game, we were all beginning to wonder if he was the key piece of the Santana trade. As the season went on, we learned his raw speed on its own wouldn’t do the trick.  Still, he was one heck of a centerfielder.

Well, GoGo didn’t do too badly as a good luck charm, but he didn’t quite get the job done.

For 2009, a new future Twin showed up in my Christmas packs, and Joe Crede joined GoGo as the new office mascot.  I can’t help but think that his 2009 Topps card show him throwing out Nick Punto on a bunt single attempt, just beating his headfirst slide.

Joe’s frustrating injury bugs continued to affect his season with the Twins.  He was one heck of a fielder at third, and flashed some power while he was playing, but unfortunately he wasn’t playing as much as we would have liked.

Well, Joe got the team over the Game 163 hump, but not much further.

So, who would be my 2010 Twins good luck charm?  Well, who else but the Big Guy himself?

This 2009 EnterPlay Fan Pak stand-up Jim Thome card came out of a $.99 discount pack at Target.  I was hoping to find a J.J. Hardy card, but when Bill Smith picked up Thome, well, it was a ready-made good luck mascot card for 2010.

Jim has killed the Twins in the past, but he’s one of those guys that you never had a bad word about.  Well, Jim’s going to be standing by my printer this season, and I’m hoping he’s got the mojo working. And I hope every AB he’s picturing a Twins’ pitcher on the mound facing him.


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