Friday Random 10 – Soundtrack Reprise

More random soundtrack music as background in the home office…

  1. The World of the Dead II” – Joe Hisaishi, Princess Mononoke
  2. Gary’s Reserve” – Ensemble Studios, Age of Mythology
  3. “Hello Ruth/The Last Crystal/The Venus Drug” – Fred Steiner, Star Trek TV Soundtrack, Volume I
  4. “Nostalgia (Giuseppe Tornatore Suite: Cinema Paradiso)” – Ennio Morricone, Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone
  5. “Absinken/Eingeschlossen” – Klaus Doldinger, Das Boot (The Director’s Cut)
  6. “Kookai Foundation” – Yasunori Mitsuda, Xenosaga Original Soundtrack
  7. “Only the Beginning of the Adventure” – Harry Gregson-Williams, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe
  8. (Fine Layers of) Slaysenflite” – Ensemble Studios, Age of Mythology
  9. “Navarre and Marquet Duel” – Andrew Powell, Ladyhawke
  10. Jump Off” – John Powell, Jumper

Carry on…

And, a bonus video: the title track of Rick Wakeman’s 1976 Winter Olympics movie soundtrack, White Rock:

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2 responses to “Friday Random 10 – Soundtrack Reprise

  1. 1. Weedking – Guided By Voices
    2. Think That it Might – Wedding Present
    3. To Hell with Poverty – Gang of Four
    4. Trap Soul Door – Guided By Voices
    5. Curtain Calls – Old 97’s
    6. So Fine – The Chancellors
    7. Love Itself – Leonard Cohen
    8. The Card Cheat – The Clash
    9. Sunday Morning – Velvet Underground
    10. Lewis – Yo La Tengo

    Bonus: The Tooth Fairy and the Princess – Husker Du

  2. * The Hives Introduce the Metric System in Time – The Hives – Veni Vidi Vicious
    * Getaway Car – Audioslave – (self-titled)
    * Young Lust – Pink Floyd – The Wall
    * It Only Took a Day – Dredg – El Cielo
    * Intelligent Guy – Butthole Surfers – Weird Revolution
    * Source Tags and Codes – … And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – Source Tags and Codes
    * Tonight – Supergrass – In It For the Money
    * Bend the Bracket – Chevelle – This Type of Thinking Could Do Us In
    * Section XI – Grand Valley State University New Music Ensemble – Music For 18 Musicians (Steve Reich)
    * Valley of the Low Sun – Jakob Dylan – Seeing Things

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