A New Year’s Eve with Family Out the Wazoo!

On the event of nephew Paul II’s New Year’s Eve wedding to Alyssa in Tulsa, the Runner family joined a mass family migration to south-central US. Besides a beautiful wedding and some great quality time with family, this was the first gathering of all of the grandkids in one place – quite a trick!

ALL the grandkids; K is in the gray dress towards the back, and a dapper Paul II in military formal

Sadly, we were one medical emergency away from having all three generations plus “outlaws” all in attendance. Still, no punches were thrown, no one was dropped from future Christmas card lists, and except for a frazzled mother of the groom, everyone had a pretty darn relaxing visit.

Grandpa & Grandma with the kids; I am in the back left

All our best to Paul II and Alyssa! You have a place to stay when you’re ever in St. Louis area. The rest of the family? Well, we’ll see…


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