Pandora Friday Random 10

Mixin’ it up again this Friday…

  1. PFMPhotos of Ghosts” – Premiata Forneria Marconi, Photos of Ghosts
  2. “Back in N.Y.C” – Genesis, Archive 1967-1975
  3. “Used to Bad News” – Boston, Don’t Look Back
  4. “Hard on Me” – Asia, Asia: Gold
  5. My Only Swerving” – El Ten Eleven, El Ten Eleven
  6. “Closer to Heaven” – Alan Parsons Project, Gaudy
  7. Kyrania” – Bjorn Lynne, Wolves of the Gods
  8. “Birthright” – a-ha, Analogue
  9. “Love Strikes” – Escobar, A Thousand Last Chances
  10. “Jungle Love” – Steve Miller Band, Greatest Hits 1974-78

Insect Photo of the Day:

Mo and I were by the breakfast nook yesterday afternoon, and I was annoyed to see a green lacewing laying eggs on the sliding glass door.  On closer observation (with my myopic, non-bifocalled eyes), I noticed the “raptorial” front legs, and ran to grab my camera.

Green Mantisfly (Zeugomantispa minuta)
Green Mantisfly (Zeugomantispa minuta)


3 responses to “Pandora Friday Random 10

  1. Feist – “So Sorry” The Reminder
    The Baseball Project – “Jackie’s Lament” Frozen Ropes and Dying Quails
    Johnny Cash – “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” American Recordings
    Willie Nelson – “Funny How Time Slips Away” Songs
    Dick Prall – “Long Play” Weightless
    Red Hot Chili Peppers – “Storm In A Teacup” Stadium Arcadium
    Eric Clapton – “Layla (Acoustic)” Clapton Chronicles
    Old 97s – “Nineteen” Fight Songs
    Kanye West – “Last Call” College Dropout
    Staind – “So Far Away” 14 Shades of Grey
    The Who – “Behind Blue Eyes” Who’s Next

    That is one sweet picture, Rhu_Ru.

  2. 1. Pale Blue Eyes — R.E.M.
    2. Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs — Minutemen
    3. Troublemaker — Weezer
    4. Mesmerizing — Liz Phair
    5. I’m Sorry For You My Friend — Hank Willams
    6. One – Aimee Mann
    7. Bad Luck — Social Distortion
    8. Kid About It — Elvis Costello
    9. Joke About Jamaica — The Hold Steady
    10. What Led Me to This Town — The Jayhawks

    Bonus: Alone + Easy Target — Foo Fighters

  3. v. cool pic!

    * Over It – Dinosaur Jr.
    * Flood – Tool
    * Make Your Own Bones – Nothingface
    * If You Could Only See – Tonic
    * Just – Radiohead
    * Give Your Heart Away – Black Keys
    * Idiot Wind – Bob Dylan
    * Sway – Heartless Bastards
    * Sugar – System of a Down
    * Graveyard – Butthole Surfers

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