The Ghost of Halloween Past

Halloween means, among other things…jack-o-lanterns!  I’ve managed to photograph all the jack-o-lanterns carved each Halloween (more-or-less) since our move to the St. Louis area in 1990. Here’s a year-by-year inventory:

1992 Halloween jack-o-lanterns
1992: well, Mo outdid me with her large jack-o-lantern in the middle

1993 Halloween jack-o-lanterns
1993: okay, the vomitting jack-o-lantern is commonplace nowadays, but this was 1993, and I came up with this one on my own. Also: a cyclops and one upside-down

1994 Halloween jack-o-lanterns
1994: not too well focused. Included a eyeless blind cave jack-o-lantern

1995? Well, guess I didn’t get a photo that year.

1996 Halloween jack-o-lanterns
1996: an 8-eyed spider jack-o-lantern, and a sideways one

1997 Halloween jack-o-lanterns
1997: a spike-to-the-head dead jack-o-lantern, a gum-blowing one, and a cannibal (and victim) one. Looks like a prop year.

1998 Halloween jack-o-lanterns
1998: a jolly big-jowled jack-o-lantern, a stem for a nose one, and a bolts-to-the-head Frankenstein one

1999 Halloween jack-o-lanterns
1999: a dang cat wandered into the shot. I think the glow-in-the-dark glasses were from a box of Count Chocula

2000 Halloween jack-o-lanterns
2000: another bout of sickness this year. Note the Calvin (minus Hobbes) laughing jack-o-lantern – guess he got a chuckle over K’s costume

2001 Halloween jack-o-lanterns
2001: didn’t get the photo done on time, so this was from the next day. A smiley emoticon jack-o-lantern 😉 and a Courage the Cowardly Pumpkin

2002 Halloween jack-o-lanterns
2002: a large cycloptic jack-o-lantern, and a return of the glow-in-the-dark glasses

2003 Halloween jack-o-lanterns
2003: I was really tired this Halloween, as were the jack-o-lanterns

2004 Halloween pumpkins
2004: A Halloween, with Homestar and Trogdor!

2005 Halloween jack-o-lanterns
2005: uh…shock and awe? My interest was flagging by this point.

2006 Halloween jack-o-lanterns
2006: my pièce de résistance, the Jack-o-toaster

2008 Halloween Jack-o-lantern
2008: how lazy is this?  An Osage Orange in an open “jack-o-lantern”

Good luck with your jack-o-lantern carving this year!


2012: more lazy carving. NO, it’s not a “square” and a “triangle”, it’s stop and rewind

3 responses to “The Ghost of Halloween Past

  1. The Trogdor pumpkin is really cool.

  2. Thanks Daddy, You have so many good ideas, most of which we don’t even find searching online.

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