Pandora Friday Random 10

Time for the Friday Random 10, once more powered by Pandora.  Thumbs-up tracks only:

  1. Billy BraggGreetings to the New Brunette” – Billy Bragg, Reaching Out to the Converted
  2. “Policy of Truth” – Depeche Mode, Violator
  3. “Little Boy” – Andy White, Andy White
  4. “All About Satellites and Spaceships” – Seven Percent Solution, All About Satellites and Spaceships
  5. “More Than a Feeling” – Boston, Greatest Hits
  6. Freeway Jam” – Jeff Beck, Blow by Blow
  7. “Even If You Dream” – Wang Chung, Points on the Curve
  8. “Freak Parade” – Todd Rundgren, Todd Rundgren’s Utopia
  9. “Africa” – Toto, Toto IV
  10. Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” – Utopia, Utopia

Have a great weekend!

2 responses to “Pandora Friday Random 10

  1. Saves the Day – Can’t Slow Down: “Collision”
    Angels & Airwaves – We Don’t Need to Whisper: “Good Day”
    Jet – Get Born: “Radio Song”
    The Starting Line – Direction: “Are You Alone”
    Bowling for Soup – Bowling for Soup Goes to the Movies: “I Melt with You”
    Something Corporate – Leave Through the Window: “I Want to Save You”
    The Libertines – The best Of: A Time for Heroes: “Tell the King”
    Bowling for Soup – A Hangover You Don’t Deserve: “Trucker Hat”
    The Strokes – Is This It: “Is This It”
    The Goo Goo Dolls – Hold Me Up: “Kevin’s Song”

    I am also enjoying the vacation pictures.

  2. * Maybe Someday – The Cure – Bloodflowers
    * I’m Not Sleeping – Counting Crows – Recovering the Satellites
    * All Apologies – Nirvana – Unplugged in NY
    * Pittsburgh to Lebanon – Butthole Surfers – Locust Abortion Technician
    * You Shook Me – Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin I
    * Sunspots – Nine Inch Nails – With Teeth
    * Jambi – Tool – 10,000 Days
    * I’ll Take the Rain – REM – Reveal
    * Take It Like a Man – The Offspring – Ignition
    * Even in His Youth – Nirvana – With the Lights Out

    I’ve been enjoying the vacation pics, Rhu_Ru, looks like a pretty cool trip (even if you were fighting of death by sinus infection the whole time).

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