Pandora Friday Random 10

Going with the “thumbs up” tracks from Pandora again this Friday:

  1. third eye blindDarwin” – Third Eye Blind, Blue
  2. Invisible Sun” – The Police, Every Breath You Take – The Classics
  3. “Over the Land Over the Sea” – Hood, The Lost You
  4. “All Clear” – Djam Karet, New Dark Age
  5. “You Can Tell” – Colonel Knowledge, Reconnaissance
  6. One Step Ahead” – Split Enz, History Never Repeats (The Best of Split Enz)
  7. “Blue Ridge Laughing (live)” – Carbon Leaf, 5 Alive!
  8. Thrill Me” – Simply Red, Stars
  9. “Sacred Sound” – IQ, Dark Matter
  10. Paradise” – Bodeans, Black and White

Bonus Track: “See a Little Light” – Bob Mould, Workbook

#2: speaking of The Police, happy 58th birthday, Sting.

5 responses to “Pandora Friday Random 10

  1. Hey Rhu_Ru can you try my site again?

  2. Simply Red, while not great, should have had a bigger following.

    1. Life From a Window — The Jam
    2. Cry, Cry, Cry — Johnny Cash
    3. Minneapolis — Lucinda Williams
    4. All You Fascists — Billy Bragg and Wilco
    5. Pieces of Truth — Foxboro Hot Tubs
    6. Away with Murder — Camera Obscura
    7. Friday I’m in Love — The Cure
    8. The Static Age — Green Day
    9. Another Life — Jack Logan
    10. Copperhead Road — Steve Earle

    Bonus: Ruby Tuesday — The Rolling Stones

  3. Pandora = Awesome.

    The Vines – Highly Evolved: “Autumn Shade”
    The Killers – Sam’s Town: “When You Were Young”
    AFI – Sing the Sorrow: “Girl’s Not Grey”
    blink-182 – Dude Ranch: “Emo”
    Our Lady Peace – Gravity: “A Story About A Girl”
    The Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness: “Bodies”
    Alabama – For the Record: “Fallin’ Again”
    Sugarland – Twice the Speed of Life: “Something More”
    Live – Throwing Copper: “Stage”
    Coldplay – LeftRightLeftRightLeft: “42”

  4. “One Step Ahead” – Split Enz, History Never Repeats

    I’m reading that one as the Twins won’t repeat last year’s season finish by losing a one-game playoff, they’ll be one step game ahead. It’s a sign! (or is that too much of a reach?)

    * One Big Holiday – My Morning Jacket – It Still Moves
    * Hey Hey What Can I Do? – Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song Single
    * Sleeping Beauty – A Perfect Circle – Mer de Noms
    * Old School Hollywood – System of a Down – Hypnotize
    * Slither – Velvet Revolver – Contraband
    * Pushit (live) – Tool – Salival
    * Tomorrow – Silverchair – Frogstomp
    * I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow – Soggy Bottom Boys – O Brother Where Art Thou? Soundtrack
    * The Interview – AFI – Decemberunderground
    * Omaramor – Matt Haimovitz (composed by Osvaldo Golijov) – Anthem

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