Another Soundtrack Friday Random 10

Another Friday, another 10 random (soundtrack) songs…

  1. E.S. PosthumusIsfahan” – E.S. Posthumus, Unearthed
  2. “Eingeschlossen” – Klaus Doldinger, Das Boot (The Director’s Cut)
  3. “Road Made for Animals” – John Tesh, Tour de France…The Early Years
  4. “The Demon God II” – Joe Hisaishi, Princess Mononoke
  5. “Ruined Landscape” – Klaus Doldinger & Giorgio Moroder, The Never Ending Story
  6. Library of Congress” – Trevor Rabin, National Treasure
  7. “Not from Dixie” – Henry Mancini, The Music from Peter Gunn
  8. “Hideout” – Clint Bajakian, Outlaws game soundtrack
  9. “Montezuma’s Revenge” – Rick Wakeman, White Rock
  10. Ultramarine” – Michael Brook, Heat

5 responses to “Another Soundtrack Friday Random 10

  1. 1. How Are You – Cheap Trick
    2. Sugarlight – X
    3. Oh Lucinda – The Only Ones
    4. This Has Gotta Be a Joke – Hypstrz
    5. Said the People – Dinosaur Jr.
    6. ELT – Wilco
    7. Bright Lights, Big City – High Spirits
    8. Man of the World – Fleetwood Mac
    9. Brothers on a Hotel Bed – Death Cab for Cutie
    10. Stop Your Sobbing – The Pretenders

    Bonus — Lead Me, Guide Me – Elvis Presley

  2. Blue October – “18th Floor Balcony/It’s Just Me” Foiled
    Shinedown – “Lacerated” Leave A Whisper
    Foo Fighters – “Last Song” In Your Honor
    Colin Hay – “I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You” Garden State Soundtrack
    John Mellencamp – “Crumblin’ Down” The Best That I Could Do
    Explosions in the Sky – “Catastrophy and The Cure” All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone
    Jimmy Eat World – “The World You Love” Futures
    Yellowcard – “Ocean Avenue” Ocean Avenue
    Explosions in the Sky – “A Poor Man’s Memory” Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever
    The Nadas – “The Worst Place I’ve Been” Listen Through The Static
    Steve Miller Band – “Fly Like An Eagle” Young Hearts

    I like Mancini’s soundtrack work. *Thumbs up*

  3. Re: Princess Mononoke –

    I cannot believe the local Blockbuster had a grand total of 0 (zero) Miyazaki films. I was very disappointed. We may go see Ponyo this weekend, unless that too has been banished from Kansas.

    Pixies – Monkey Gone to Heaven – Doolittle
    Tool – The Patient – Lateralus
    Portishead – Hunter – Third
    System of a Down – Darts – (Self-titled)
    Nirvana – Anorexorcist – With the Lights Out
    Nirvana – Where Did You Sleep Last Night – MTV Unplugged in New York
    Mudvayne – Mercy, Severity – The End of All Things to Come
    The Decemberists – The Rake’s Song – The Hazards of Love
    Wendy Sutter – Tissue No. 7 – Songs and Poems for Solo Cello by Philip Glass
    Audioslave – Like a Stone – (Self-titled)

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