Of Hybridisation, and Bureaucracy

The Runner family is now clunker-less, but it was no easy feat.  The CARS program has been slammed in the media over the use of taxpayer money, the multitude of ever-changing and confusing paperwork, and the imminent exhaustion of funds, but this looked like our last, best chance at getting the car we wanted in the next few years.

We were very fortunate for several reasons:  we knew going in what car we wanted (and that said car was available); our Caravan (barely) qualified as a “clunker”; and we had already begun the Cash for Clunkers paperwork prior to the end-of-the-week confusion over the program’s possible end.

What did we get?  A blue 2009 Mercury Mariner Hybrid:

the hybrid in the driveway, at dusk

In the end, Mo has gone from an 18 mpg van to a ~34 mpg SUV, and for that she’s thankful. We’ll restock the savings accounts again over time, but the gas pump savings will be appreciated by all.


2 responses to “Of Hybridisation, and Bureaucracy

  1. That looks like a pretty nice ride. You need to pimp that thing out with spinners.

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