Band Camp

A few weeks back I considered that it might be “fun” to help chaperone at band camp again this year — even though K had graduated and I was now an alumni parent.  Besides having a surplus of vacation, it provided an entertaining way to spend a week in the woods where the cabins were air conditioned, the food was good and plentiful, and internet access was non-existent.  I’d chaperoned three other years (skipping K’s freshman year) so this year would make a nice round four.

The recurrent theme of conversations during the week was the absolutely beautiful weather.  The only rain we had as very light — enough to settle the dust, and only the last day did it get close to hot, but even then not as hot as the average day is most past band camps.

The contest piece this year is more march-challenging than music-challenging, IMO, and the SCW Marching Warriors took a good chunk out of the first two movements during the week.  The soloists sounded great.  Looking forward to catching the finished product at football halftime and maybe the Lafayette competition.

I always enjoy getting up early before morning wakeup, taking a shower, and wandering to the lodge for a glass of OJ and checking out what insects remain under the yard light there.  It was a habit to retrieve the most colorful moth and wearing it on my shirt like a medal.  They were nicely docile with the cool evenings and weariness from circling the yard light and dodging the bats all night, no doubt.  Several nice insect photos were taken during the week — new post upcoming on that topic [here].  In the past I took a lot more photos of band camp life than I did this year, but I wasn’t as motivated.

It was pretty cool to point out ISS to everyone as it made a pass over the camp during the evening Capture the Flag activity.  It was also a nice treat to have Mo and K drop by to visit Thursday evening to catch the run-throughs and the Fashion and Variety Show.  Oh, and Drew Looks Like a Lady!

band, through the trees

movement 1, center

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