Garry Roggenburk, ftw

Stumbled across a vintage Twins card in eBay the other day that caught my attention:

1966 Topps #582 Garry Roggenburk

Garry card is known in the baseball card world as a “common”, but this card is more than that.  At the time Topps was releasing these cards, the final “set” of cards (the highest numbers) for the year always ended up with fewer cards printed, and therefore their value was higher, since they are rarer.  #582 is the highest Twins card from 1966, so even as a common, its value is relatively high.

On the back, it says, “[in 1964], the southpaw developed a sore arm in the spring and wasn’t able to throw a single pitch for the entire campaign.”  Now days, it would instead say something like “doctors found a partially torn anterior cruciate spheriod ligament” and after getting three opinions, complicated laser/nuclear microsurgery is performed; back then the team trainer would just rub dirt on it and hope for the best.

Still have three more high cards from 1966 to pick up, but nice to have this one in the fold, and at a reasonable price, too.

4 responses to “Garry Roggenburk, ftw

  1. I have a boat load of ’66 cards. I’ll have to check them for you to see what Twinkies I have.

  2. He looks like Matt Tolbert. Very cool. Do you actually scan the card for is this a stock photo from somewhere?

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