Game 3 – Twins 6, Cardinals 2

The final game of the interleague series against the Cardinals was played on a beautiful day; temps started at 83F and rose to upper 80’s, but a cool, less-humid breeze blowing from leftfield to rightfield kept our shaded seats quite comfortable. For this game, I decide to leave the ol’ “TC” hat at home and wear the “M” instead, hoping the 1987 look would help the team turn the corner after yesterday’s loss.

stan the man
Stan Musial, actual size

It was a treat to watch this game with Algonad, who was in town visiting in-laws.  Our game discussion ran much like a typical WGOM gamelog commentary, including my NewGuy call on a possible Morneau HR with that nice breeze towards right (and we didn’t wait too long, either).

Justin Morneau greets Michael Cuddyer after going Earl Weaver in the 1st

Of course, on every subsequent Morneau AB, we claimed that “He is due!” We also tip-toed around mentioning that Francisco Liriano had a no-hitter going through four innings, noting that he had given up no walks through three, and with the 4th inning walk of Albert Pujols, that he still hadn’t hit anyone yet.

F-Bomb during a particularly well-pitched first four innings

The Twins were aided by some especially poor fielding by the Cardinals as well. And of course, all Twins fans at the ballpark had an eye out for Joe Mauer’s ABs, who at one point had climbed back to batting .400 again.

Seeing Baby Jeebus reach .400 again brings a smile to The Dude’s face

Once more Tony LaRussa conspired to foul up my scorecard to the point of unreadability, but I countered by not caring too much about it.

Algonad (left) and I bask in a Twins’ series victory, while the friendly Cardinals fan in back reminds us how many games her team lost to the Twins

I had tried to line up a meeting with Twins Geek, who was also at the game, but unfortunately wires crossed and it didn’t happen. Still, it was a nice finish to the Twins’ Interleague series (12-6 for the year), and I said my goodbye to Algonad before heading home to recover from an eventful weekend.

One response to “Game 3 – Twins 6, Cardinals 2

  1. Good pics. I enjoyed the game. Thanks!

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