Game 2 – Cardinals 5, Twins 3

Today’s game was hot: 88F just a ½ hour from gametime; my wife tells me it reached 102F today. Still, our seats were in shade the whole game, and we had a slight breeze again. Neighbor J attended the game with me once more.

How cool will it be when the Mpls skyline is visible in the outfield?

Twins fans were seen all over the ballpark, like yesterday. Jersey watch: a slew of Mauer’s, some Morneau’s, and one Span, Guardado, Blyleven, Redmond, Santana, and Perkins.  No Tolbert’s in sight. Crowd size was announced at 42,000+, but I’d bet it was closer to half that, with some folks taking a pass due to the heat.

Twins stretch along the 3rd base line; Matt Tolbert still trying to figure out this “batting” thing

I was totally looking forward to Kevin Slowey’s start today, but it didn’t go too well.  After a 2-run HR to Albert Pujols (which Kubel looked like he came close to catching), the Twins came back with a 3-run single by Brendon Harris (D-SPAN2 was flying from st) that Chris Duncan couldn’t come up with in left-centerfield.  Albert Pujols then tossed away that lead by hitting his second 2-run HR.

Kevin Slowey shows what is normally his winning form

The rest of the game was pretty much a showcase for Tony LaRussa’s pitching changes and double-switches. He made a mockery of my scorecard.

dennys sampler
Jason Kubel tries the Dennys sampler

Twins end up losing 5-3 after failing to put together any kind of rally in the later innings. Rookie Bob Keppel didn’t embarrass himself in his debut, and even drew a 4-pitch walk. It was nice (I guess) for neighbor J to get the pleasure of a Cards win, after yesterday’s loss. Looking forward to the Twins taking tomorrow’s game and the series, though.

Even from this distance, I could hear several “Get off my lawn!” exclamations

Okay, by popular demand, here’s the mess of a scorecard (at least the Cardinals’ side). At some point, I gave up trying to get it to make sense…


4 responses to “Game 2 – Cardinals 5, Twins 3

  1. the Wellemeyer line == teh Awesome.

  2. Nice writeup, and the last one as well. I’m looking forward to Part III. I’m sure it will be more “Bourne Ultimatum” than “Godfather Part III”

  3. Nice work, Rhu_Ru. Although a photog of your scorecard would have been cool.

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