Game 1 – Twins 3, Cardinals 1

First game of a potentially hot series between the Cards and the Twins got off to a great start last night, and good neighbor J was with me to watch it.

At least there was a slight breeze…

Twins fans turned out in pretty good numbers at Busch for this game, which was nice to see.  95% wore Mauer jerseys, 3% wore Morneau or Puckett jerseys, plus I saw 2 Nathans and a Cuddyer, Span, Hunter, Liriano, and Santana jersey.  No Tolbert jersey sighted the whole evening.

Coaches Anderson and Stelmaszek head to the bullpen, while Matt Tolbert tries to remember how to hold a bat

The Twins jumped out to a 2-0 lead in the first, thanks to Cards’ Adam Wainwright pitching scared, and a timely error by Joe Thurston.  Both pitching staffs did a pretty good job of leaving any baserunners stranded throughout the game, thanks to some timely DPs and a great peg from Rick Ankiel to get Joe Mauer at the plate in the 3rd.

Adam Wainwright induces a ground ball from DSPAN-2 with the bases loaded

The Cardinals eventually scored a run to break up the shutout, but Joe Nathan does an outstanding job of stranding a leadoff double in the 9th (his obligatory baserunner), including a strikeout of Albert Pujols.

On the day that the new Sports Illustrated cover of Joe Mauer hits the newsstands, Joe raised his BA to .396, going 1-2 with a single and two walks.

J showed me his prime parking spot, with pretty easy access/egress.  The seats (which I have all three games of the series) were alright; they are covered from the sun, but the location of the access stairs in front of us had people wanting to loiter  by the railing, which would block our view of home plate sometimes.  Still, with temps tomorrow expected even higher, that shade will feel mighty nice.  Looking forward to seeing Slowey tomorrow…

Go Twins!


2 responses to “Game 1 – Twins 3, Cardinals 1

  1. while Matt Tolbert tries to remember how to hold a bat

    Heh, very nice.

    Nice write up, Rhu_Ru – Hopefully the next two games go as well for the Twins as the first one.

  2. I saw a Punto jersey.

    We were in section 434. We were facing the sun for the first 4 innings. After that, it was ok.

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