Lord of the Flies

With recent nice weather, and oak allergy season well in the rearview mirror, I’ve been out on periodic photo safaris in the back yard, and entomological activity has been picking up.
My favorite location to search is along the low weeds and foliage along the back treeline.  Currently there are veritable swarms of hangingflies, as well as white-margined burrower bugs (2nd year seeing those in large numbers). Nice to see various dragonflies as well; photographed a Great Blue Skimmer for the first time, although only from a distance.
I ended up with a few nice pictures to add to my diptera webpage, though:

Tiger Fly (Coenosia)
Tiger Fly Coenosia

Delphinia picta
Picture-Winged Fly Delphinia picta

unknown fly
male Snipe Fly Chrysopilus

2 responses to “Lord of the Flies

  1. Those are some pretty nice photos. What equipment are you using?

    • Well, I use an HP 945 Photosmart, which is 5.3megapixel and has a 8x optical zoom. I originally wanted to learn to use the macro setting for photographing genealogy documents, so to practice, I thought I’d try some closeups of insects. Of course, insects always fascinated me, and I was hooked.

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