My work with Union Pacific Railroad takes me to UP’s headquarters (aka “The Mothership”) for a couple days every third week or so.


The new HQ building opened five years ago this month, while the previous HQ building, which was just across the street to the north, was torn down and is currently a nice pond-filled hole.

up hq inside

The inside atrium goes up to the 19th floor, and although pretty cool looking, it creates a fishbowl work environment. Nothing like sitting in a meeting in one of the inner conference rooms and waving to someone walking along the opposite side two stories down.

The cafeteria on the 2nd floor has some pretty good food and lots of selection, and on the 1st floor is the UP Company Store, where several UP-related items can be purchased.

Within walking distance are several fine restaurants in the Old Market plus the various Subways, Quiznos, and Jimmy Johns sprinkled in.  The DoubleTree Hotel, which I typically stay at, is just over a block away.


One response to “Omaha…again

  1. That’s a pretty cool looking atrium, but I can definitely see how it could be distracting. Our classroom here at Trinity is on the 6th floor and has floor to ceiling windows. I spend most of class watching planes take off from Dublin Int’l.

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