Friday Random 10

Friday.  Music.  Random.  Ten.

  1. ammonia-avenueDon’t Answer Me” – Alan Parsons Project, “Ammonia Avenue
  2. “Circe” – Ira Stein & Russel Walder, “Transit
  3. Midnight Blue” – Lou Gramm, “Ready or Not
  4. One of These Days” – Pink Floyd, “Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd
  5. Summer” – Joe Hisaishi, “Kikujiro soundtrack
  6. “Trains and Winter Rains” – Enya, “And Winter Came
  7. “Warriors [remixed excerpts]” – Synergy, “The Jupiter Menace
  8. “Going for the One [instrumental bonus track]” – Yes, “Going for the One
  9. Chameleon” – Herbie Hancock, “Head Hunters
  10. Ancestors” – Lisa Gerrard, “Whale Rider soundtrack

Bonus track: “Shangri-La” – ELO, “A New World Record

3 responses to “Friday Random 10

  1. 1. Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon — Neil Diamond
    2. Serious Bird Woman — Robert Pollard
    3. Length of Love — Interpol
    4. Master of Puppets — Metallica
    5. I Love You So Much It Hurts — Ray Charles
    6. Spirit Road — Neil Young
    7. Return of the Grievous Angel — Gram Parsons
    8. Shakespeare’s Sister — The Smiths
    9. I’m Gonna Make You Mine — Hypstrz
    10. Blue Green Arrow.

    Bonus: Without a Trace — Soul Asylum

  2. Erase/Replace – Foo Fighters
    All You Ever Wanted – Black Keys
    Over the Hills and Far Away – Led Zeppelin
    Gold Heart Mountain Top Queen Directory – Trail Of Dead
    Lake of Fire – Meat Puppets
    Lounge Act – Nirvana
    Where Is Everybody? – Nine Inch Nails
    Carry On – Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young
    Love Dump – Static X
    Had To Go – Heartless Bastards

  3. Here’s My List:
    1. No Use for a Name – More Betterness!: “Let It Slide”
    2. Tim McGraw – Greatest Hits, Vol. 2: “She’s My Kind of Rain”
    3. Aerosmith – Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits: “Dream On”
    4. Bloc Party – A Weekend in the City: “Hunting for Witches”
    5. Saves the Day – Can’t Slow Down: “Collision”
    6. The Killers – Sawdust: “Where they White Boys Dance”
    7. Better Than Ezra – Greatest Hits: “King of New Orleans”
    8. Saves the Day – Through Being Cool: “The Last Lie I Told”
    9. Avril Lavigne – Under My Skin: “Nobody’s Home”
    10. Hawthorne Heights – The Silence in Black and White: “Silver Bullet”

    I laugh every time I see the name Herbie Hancock

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