The Ants Have Returned to Capistrano

We have a unique (we think) situation here at the Runner Residence; each summer, we have ants in our kitchen.  Well, that in itself isn’t unique, but one aspect of it is:  we like to joke that our dishwasher has become an ant farm.  Except the joke isn’t funny, at least not to us anyway.

dishwasher-ant-farmSo far we are in phase one — a few individual ants are found following the counter edge around the sink.  Phase two will be our noticing those industrious few scouts who found their way into the dishwasher.  Phase three begins when the moving vans leave, and the ants have forwarded their mail to the inside of the ol’ Whirlpool Gold.

We’ve tried putting ant traps in the dishwasher (and of course running a pot-scrubber wash afterwards), attempting to seal all the gaps within the dishwasher cabinet opening and adding boric acid powder around the edges, etc.  Their David is kicking our Goliath’s @ss.  I don’t think it will be long before Saul again hands over his armor this year…


One response to “The Ants Have Returned to Capistrano

  1. that’s both funny-weird and funny-haha, Rhu_Ru. Good luck fighting the good fight.

    We live in the land of the Great Continuous Argentine Ant Colony. Every time it rains, they come in our house, snooping around. Sometimes the kitchen, sometimes the master bathroom (second floor). Which then leads to Terro, Grant’s Ant Sticks, Boric Acid around the house, and general recriminations from She Who Must Be Obeyed. And then they subside for a while.

    Did you know that the total mass of ants on the planet roughly equals that of humans? It’s war, baby. The world ain’t big enough for the both of us.

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