Last night, around 9:50 PM, our house was rocked like a car had run into it, with a sound like thunder.  It was too short to be an earthquake; my first thought was a gas explosion somewhere close.  After checking on Mo upstairs, we ran outside, where all the neighbors were also starting to congretate.  “What was that?” was the question most asked.

K was driving home from work, and said she’d seen a bright flash in her rearview mirror, and the boy next door also saw something bright out the back window of the house.  We all wandered back into the house and turned on the TV and monitored the internet, while K hit the text message chain for info, and stood on the deck passing updates back and forth with the neighbors.


When the news finally broke at the end of the 10 PM news, it was disappointingly short; it was a chemical explosion at a St. Charles company.  Eventually, via facebook IM and the local news internet sites, we found out that it was only 1.55 Google Earth miles from us, and blew in windows at one of K’s friend’s home.  An employee at SantoLube had burns over 30% of his body, but apparently no one else was seriously injured, for which we’re really happy. Although chemicals were involved, evacuations were pretty light.


2 responses to “BOOM!

  1. The only chemical I could find mentioned in any of the stories is ferric chloride (FeCl3). Except that’s not flammable or explosive, so that probably wasn’t it. Hmm, I’ll have to see if they ever identify the chemical culprit.

    That’s still pretty scary though. I work with flammable/explosive solvents every day and it’s easy to forget how quickly it can all go bad. Hopefully, the worker who was burned makes a full recovery.

    /interested chemist

    • Latest I’ve heard, is that the employee was doing whatever procedure he normally does, and had walked quite a ways away when the explosion happened. Recent thought is that possibly the chemical(s) were contaminated by something else that WAS explosive. Even more scary.

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