2009 WGOM Game Log graphics

(under construction)

The game logs over at WGOM are a blast, but since the move to a new server, The Vault, where the graphics are held, is full of empty links. Looks like it’s time for me to make my own graphics vault for easy and quick access during the game-time stress of a sudden rally or turn of events.

First off, the BB scorecard image for Sheenie’s breast cancer walkathon fundraiser


For each K thrown by a Twins starter, a graphic for the respective pitcher is needed. In the case of Baker, several different ones are required.

Francisco “F-Bomb” Liriano:

Kevin Slowey:

Nick Blackburn:

Glen Perkins:

R.A. Dickey:

Anthony Swarzak  (forwards and backwards K):
K backwards K

Scott “Light Rail” Baker: (you think 10 is enough?)

Carl Pavano:
no milano

6 responses to “2009 WGOM Game Log graphics

  1. quality. Good to see you’ve got our backs, Rhu_Ru.

    Kudos to free for the Dickey idear. Here’s a nice one:

  2. What about Dickey? How about a knuckle sandwich?

    • Ha! Well, that’s certainly a thought. I know he’s not going to stick as a starter, but he’ll still be on the staff, so it wouldn’t hurt to have some sort of graphic for him.

  3. And no 10 is not enough. I would bank on having 12.

  4. Welcome to WordPress!

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