Seriously looking forward to watching the Twins tonight open up the 2009 season. Since I’m stuck in Omaha in the middle of a short business trip, I’ve made it a point to track down a restaraunt with the MLB package and WiFi; looks like my ol’ standby Old Chicago fits the bill — life is good.

My pick to click this season is Kevin Slowey. So much so, that I’ve chosen him to put on the back of the new uni I ordered (somehow the old one shrunk – go figure). To me, he has the looks of a potential Brad Radke reincarnate, which is a good thing. I believe the starting five will have a successful season, barring an over abundance of HR’s given up. The improved defense has a chance to make life easier for them, but I have my doubts that the offense will even be as good as last year, so we may find that they have a way of evening out.

The good Citizens of WGOM enjoy tracking an exotic mix of stats and events throughout the season, and now we’ll be keeping an eye on the Twins batters’ walk totals this year. Besides being a boon to the offense, they will be a money-earner for Sheenie’s breast cancer walkathon. I’m on the hook for $.10 / BB, and I’m hoping the Twins make me pay big time.


3 responses to “OPENING DAY!!!

  1. That is one great banner.

  2. Rhubarb_Runner

    Ack! Good call, Twayn! I fixed it.Yeah, that’d be neat to hook up if there’s a chance.

  3. “Seriously looking forward to watching the Twins tonight open up the 2008 season.”Well, a lot of us are living in the past, RR. I was going to mention that we’re coming down to to St. Louis on Memorial Day weekend for Molly’s graduation. Only we’ll probably be watching her in the state track meet (shot put and discus) since they are both on the Saturday. Either way, if there’s a chance to meet up for a beer or something let me know.

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