Cocoon Watch continues

All winter I had been keeping an eye on a mantis ootheca, which on closer inspection turned out to be a giant silkworm moth cocoon on the maple tree out front (the silk held in place the only leaf remaining on the tree — hard to miss it!)…until a wind storm blew the cocoon to oblivion.
A few days later I found this one on a sapling in the back yard. As the days got warmer, I brought it in on my desk and have been keeping a peripheral eye on it while I work. Although I could have sworn I’d seen a miniscule wiggle now and then, yesterday I witnessed its first major twitch on the Richter Scale. Either it was the poor fella’s last dying gasp, or I have a viable future moth on my hands.
I believe it to be a Polyphemus moth, but I’m holding out hope that it might be a Cecropia moth, which would be a nice addition to my photo collection. Time will tell…


One response to “Cocoon Watch continues

  1. That’s pretty cool! We went to the local zoo today, and got to see their “new” butterfly pavilion (it was new in 2008) … we were a little disappointed that there was more out – but it’s still early in the season. All we got to see were Owl Butterflies. I thought it was neat… the rest not so much. “They’re ugly” was the comment. Some people have no imagination.

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